Coo Coo Birds in NY Times

Arts Beat, Culture at Large: New York Times
SXSW Music: Scenes From Day Two
“From Ya Ya Ya’s to Coo Coo Birds..”
Photo by: Josh Haner
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Safe to say Day 3 of SXSW was probably the best 24-hour period for the Coo Coo Birds and their Production Team. Before they set off to play a roof-top concert atop their TweetBusso, it was the calm, almost passive words of their gracious host, Billy, who signaled the news; “Zweng, I saw you on the NY Times today bro…”
Completely oblivious to the news, the bus and band immediately took to their iPhones to call the bluff. Indeed it was nothing but truth… Coo Coo Birds were in the Times!
“I can remember seeing the photographer through the bus window,” said Zweng, the drummer and subject of the picture published in the NY Times SXSW blog.
“I remember keeping my head still for a few more seconds than usual so he could have a good shot. I had no clue the guy was working for the Times!”

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