Coo Coo Birds Have Flown the Coop – DAY ONE

Greetings rockers and ornithologists:

Reporting from the nest of the birds themselves is Sarah Rose Butler. Ah, the Coo Coo Birds: We’ve watched them rock; we’ve watched them roll, and then, on Wednesday morning, we rolled right outta town.

Supported by a media crew of seven and stunt/road crew of three, the Coo Coo Birds are determined not only to rock wherever the road takes them, but also to utilize our Bussernet to send the saving grace of rock and roll to every corner of the galaxy currently reachable by the mighty web of inter.

We are aboard the beautifully repainted Tweet Busso. Here is our beerful little nest for one month, bedecked in birds that would put even Edgar Allen Poe’s strange bedfellow to shame. These glorious creatures come straight from the brain and fingertips of Henry Lipkis, epic muralist.

Strapped to the underbelly of our crimson chariot are 5 kegs, generously donated by the 101 North Brewing Company MmmmmMm, delicious.

They deserve your love; go like their facebook page!

As we barreled down Highway 5 yesterday, the eerily tireless Nicole “rock ‘n roll Nicole” Salmeri edited for hours in our media lounge. She is determined to get our BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO to you more quickly than two shakes of a lambs’ tail. Rain poured, wind roared, and the incessant chirping of our media birdies to “turn the generator back on!” cut through any possibility of peaceful slumber for poor JonnyCat (just kidding – seems like he can sleep through anything!), but the footage looks great! Check out this still from the video (COMING SOON!!!)!

Even with our feathers wet and bedraggled, we blew the lid off of Hollywood Boulevard last night. Ladies screamed, men roared, and we heard it was decreed that from henceforth the City of Angels will be known as the City of Succubi.

Unfortunately, we did lose a crew member to two wayward women with dark lashes on Hollywood Boulevard, but he has since been recovered and looks none the worse for wear.

Words from the team:

“LISTEN UP. This is a pit stop. Every minute spent here is another minute not in Vegas.” – Driver Neil Dimonds

“I am not wearing any socks or underwear.” – unnamed recovered crewmember

Everyone can be a psychedelic warrior!” – Ryan Zweng

“That’s the 15th phone I’ve broken this month. Sometimes I do throw them, but that’s not what happened this time” – JonnyCat

“I’m just melloww” – Chuck !

We’ll be updating regularly, so keep checking in! NEXT STOP: LAS VEGAS.

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