Album Release: Psychedelic Warrior

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Coo Coo Birds are happy to announce the release of their 2nd Full-Length LP, “Psychedelic Warrior”.

Psychedelic Warrior- album cover by Coo Coo Birds

Psychedelic Warrior- album cover by Coo Coo Birds

The band will be offering a Free Download of the album via the Coo Coo Birds BandCamp Page until the Nov. 23rd ALBUM RELEASE PARTY at Cafe du Norde.

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“Studio Update & Sneak Preview: Coo Coo Birds premiere “Stop My Heart” from forthcoming LP ‘Psychedelic Warrior’” (BAY BRIDGED ARTICLE)

Since forming at the dawn of 2012, San Francisco’s Coo Coo Birds have taken the proverbial bull by the horns, attacking the writing and recording process while leaving little time for (non-rock & roll-related) distractions. The trio – comprised of Jonny Cat (mysterious SoCal-born and raised singer, guitarist, and sometimes drummer), Charles James Gonzalez (elder statesman, production guru, bassist, and singer who hails from Texas), and Ryan Zweng (singer, drummer, and sometimes guitarist who fuels the band’s fire with an infectious creative zeal) – released their debut full-length Don’t Bring Your Boyfriends in July, but despite that record being full of danceable psychedelic garage rock, they chose not to tour, instead returning to the studio to record not one, but two more albums…

Holing up at San Francisco’s Radical House Recording Studio – which Gonzalez operates, working with the likes of The Blank Tapes and Brand New Trash – the band continued to craft their “frenzy-inciting” sound. With a multitude of tools available in the studio (including a handful of 1964 Fender Princeton Reverbs that they’re all particularly fond of), each member contributes distinctive elements to the mix. Cat brings a little bit of old school 50s rock & roll, Gonzalez is a man of the 70s and the likes of Cheap Trick and Bowie, and Zweng injects a dose of Kinks-influenced rock. Gonzalez then turns producer and meshes these moving parts into a beautiful cacophony of engrossing psychedelic rock.

“Giveaway: Win a copy of Coo Coo Birds’ new album ‘Psychedelic Warrior’” (BAY BRIDGED ARTICLE)

At long last, Coo Coo Birds are releasing their sophomore album Psychedelic Warrior on November 23, and Jonny, Chuck, and Ryan are offering ten readers of The Bay Bridged advance digital copies of the record for free, and all you need to do is send us an email.

We’ve been writing about Psychedelic Warrior for more than a year now, and despite a couple delays in its release, the album is finally ready for public consumption. In a last ditch promotional push before the November release date, Coo Coo Birds are giving away 200 free download codes to fans and friends for advance digital copies of the album, which the lucky recipients will be able to use their codes starting on Halloween, and the band gave TBB ten of those download codes. Coo Coo Birds will celebrate this early, limited digital release with two shows this week – a secret TBA show on Halloween and an supporting gig for Lemme Adams on Friday at 500 Mason Social House…

In other news, Coo Coo Birds recently licensed “Love Is Old Love Is New” in this Roxy Commercial:

Upcoming Shows include:

Coo Coo Birds’ Halloween Party
Location TBA
October 31, 2013
Time & Price TBA

Lemme Adams, RDR, Coo Coo Birds, Not Sure. Not Yet., Tall Fires
50 Mason Social House
November 1, 2013
8pm, Price TBA

Appleberry Jam Presents: Lee Gallagher & the Hallelujah, Coo Coo Birds (Record Release), Be Calm Honcho
Cafe Du Nord
November 23, 2013
9:30am, $10-12 (21+)

Solwave, Vanaprasta, Coo Coo Birds
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
November 27, 2013
9pm, $10-12 (18+)

Rio Rio, Coo Coo Birds, Mission Bells, Koruscant Weekend, Jared Cohen & the Future Proof
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
December 8, 2013
7pm, $10 (18+)

Coo Coo Birds (Single Release)
February 1, 2014
Time & Price TBA

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